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Development of Scaw Metals Waste Disposal Facility 5





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Proposed Construction and Development of a hazardous waste disposal facility located in Germiston, Ekurhuleni Municipality at Erf 623, Erf 133 and Erf 634, in the Gauteng Province. Scaw's submission relates to a permit in order to undertake a systematic investigation to determine if there are further graves in the area proposed for the development of the hazardous waste disposal facility. See details below


Systematic Investigation: i.e. Watching Brief Before Construction. The manner in which this will be undertaken is as follows: o In line with a buffer zone of 20 m and calculating that one can expect a burial every 3 metres (including 2 m for the remains and 1 m space in between graves) – dig trenches with a back actor or similar equipment on all four sides of the known graves. o The first trench should be 2 m from the current graves and thereafter every three meters. o Should the first three trenches deliver no results, the investigation can be stopped. o Should human remains be found, two additional trenches (respectively 3 and 6 m from the remains) will be needed. o Once two trenches deliver no result, the investigation can be stopped. o Any remains encountered should be removed by an archaeologist, who should be present on site for the duration of the investigation.


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