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Exhumation Permit Application: Magwaza Family Graves





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Exhumation of four (4) Magwaza Family Graves located at Nondabula, Nyuswa / Nodwengu Traditional Authority, Ozwatini Area, Ndwedwe Local Municipality, Ilembe DM, KZN.


For topographical and altitudinal engineering reasons Umgeni Water require to place a gravitational feeding reservoir at this location to serve the regional/community Bulk Water Supply System. Umgeni Water Corporate Social Investment (CSI) staff have negotiated with the Magwaza family to move the graves of their parents and brothers from the reservoir footprint into a more recent family graveyard closer to their household precinct some 50 m away from the current burials. As per the attached affidavit the Magwaza family have accepted the solatium offer made by Umgeni Water (the solatium value was not disclosed to eThembeni), and granted permission for the exhumation and reinternment of the graves. eThembeni CHM have been appointed by Umgeni Water to facilitate and expedite the exhumation and reinternment process in collaboration with the Magwaza family. The Magwaza family’s solatia requests have been acceded to and they wish to conduct the process on Saturday 21 October 2017. Doves (Pmb) are the appointed Undertakers to supply coffins and oversee the process. [Contact person: Regional Manager, Mr Sandile Dlamini. Mobile: 083 9921350. (O) 033 345 4321]. New graves will be excavated first on the morning of the 21st and thereafter the exhumations will proceed, with immediate reinternment before nightfall.


Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 23:34






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