TitleTowards the far horizonAuthorBurman, JosePublishedHuman & Rousseau -0001
Status:Check Shelves Subjectthe story of the ox-wagon in South AfricaMediaBookISBN0 7981 2411 3Call Number388.341 BURDescription
This book includes: an early impression of a wagon and oxen at the Cape (p.12); several vigrettes by William Burchell; Thomas Baines: wagon travelling in South Africa (p.18); sketch of wagon and oxen on the Grand Parade, Cape Town (p.20); CI Latrobe: wagon encampment at Essenjacht in approximately 1816 (p.24); sketch of a wagon coming down the Ecca Valley, Eastern Cape (p.28); Thomas Baines: sketch of ox-team (p.30); Francois Le Valliant: Great Fish River (p.32); Francois Le Valliant: crossing Sundays River (p.32); Francois Le Valliant: Pampoenkraal, near the Wilderness (p.33); C I Latrobe: Kaaimans Gat, near Wilderness (p.33); Lady Anne Barnard: light travelling wagon and span, 1798 (p.35); Andrew Steedman: arrival at a Xhosa kraal, 1835 (p.38); Harris Cornwallis: departure from Mosega (p.39); W Adams: travelling at the Cape (p.40); R Godlouton: view of Grahamstown from the south-west (p.41); William Burchell: kakebeenwa (p.47); Samuel Daniell: passing a kloof (p.48); T J Lucas: Ecca Pass (p.48); William Burchell: Berg River ferry (p.49); C I Latrobe: descending the dreaded Trek-aan-touw (p.49); Thomas Baines: travelling wagon (p.50); sketched details of a kakebeenwa (p.52, 53, 56); Thomas Baines: digging a waterhole (p.58); Thomas Baines: German type of ox harness (p.59); E Casalis: travelling in South Africa (p.64); William Burchell: ascending Roodezand Pass (Nieuwekloof); Henry Butler: the ascent of the Elandsberg (p.78); Charles Mitchell: the ascent of Cradock Kloof (p.84); H Calderwood: a missionary's wagon crossing the mountains (p.87); W C Baldwin: an accident whilst crossing the Tugela (p.91); Francois Le Valliant: depiction of him being towed across the Olifants River (p.92); Thomas Bowler: wagon crossing a drift near Cape Town (p.95); Francois Le Valliant: crossing the Swartkop River (p.96); Francois Le Valliant: Claas Bester's farmhouse (p.96); Francois Le Valliant: ascending a hill (p.97); C I Latrobe: Paardekop Mountain Pass (p.97); Thomas Baines: wagon breaking down whilst crossing the Klaas Smits River (p.97); Thomas Baines: an American covered wagon (p.98); William Burchell: wagon crossing the Karoo (p.107); a sketch of an attack on a settler's wagon during the 1851 frontier war (p.108); sketch of rebel Khoikhoi soldiers attacking a wagon-train, 1851 (p.109); Alfred Drayson: Xhosa attacking a wagon (p.112); Samuel Daniell: the outspan of a Boer family (p.112); Francois Le Valliant: Slaber's farm (p.112); Francois Le Valliant: camp scene in the Northern Cape (p.113); John Campbell: the author's method of travelling (p.113); a sketch of early Trekkers in the Transvaal (p.117); J Backhouse: Transorangia, 1844 (p.124); early photograph of Potchefstroom (p.125); Graham Lumley: Frontier war, 1851 (p.126); a painting of a Boer wagon-train captured by French's cavalry, 1900 (p.129); a painting of the battle at Isandhlwana, 1879 (p.130); painting of the Zulu War, 1879 at Gungundhlovu (p.131); sketch of wagon captured, 1900 (p.132); D W Vallentin: photograph of Cronje's laager after Magersfontein (p.133); Thomas Butler: wagon in Wale Street, Cape Town (p.135); Thomas Bowler: Main Street, Port Elizabeth (p.137); Thomas Baines: the Cape wagon tent (p.138); Thomas Bowler: wine wagon, 1854 (p.139); photograph of wool wagon at Ceres (p.140); Heinrich Egersdorfer: first sight of the train (p.142); Charles Bell: outspan sketch, 1880 (p.143); photograph by Ravenscroft of Latrobe's wagon still preserved at Genadendal (p.154); photograph by T D Ravenscroft of kakebeenwa at Genadendal (p.155).

South Africa|Ox wagons|Daniell Samuel|Khoisan|Burchell William|Transport|Baines Thomas|Description and travel|Grand Parade|Cape Town|Latrobe C I|Artists|Le Valliant Francois|Xhosa|Barnard Lady Anne|Steedman Andrew|Harris Cornwallis|Adams W|Godlenton R|Kakebeenwa|Wagons|Terminology|Ecca Pass|Lucas T J|Casalis Charles|Calderwood H|Baldwin W C|Bowler Thomas W|Great Trek|Drayson Alfred|Campbell John|Backhouse James|Potchefstroom|Lumley Graham|Wale Street|Butter Thomas|Port Elizabeth|Bell Charles|Egersdorfer Heinrich