TitleWaterfront and harbourAuthorVeitch, NeilPublishedHuman & Rousseau -0001
Status:Check Shelves SubjectCape Town's link with the seaMediaBookISBN0-7981-3326-0Call Number968.712 VEIDescription
This book includes: a photograph of "Africae Nova Descriptio" which is a Dutch map of 1645 by Willem Janszoon Blaeu (p.8); F Benda: B Dias planting a padrao at Cape Maclear, near Cape Point in 1488 (p.10); a sketch of the Indian fleet that sailed from Portugal in April 1500, four of these ships floundered near the Cape (p.11); a photograph of the three masted Dutch galleon depicted in a San rock painting (p.12); a Dutch map of the west coast of Africa (including Cape Agulhas) drawn by Arnoldus Langren after 1601 (p.14); photographs of various post office stones (p.16-17); De Vroom: the VOC's fleet under way (p.21); Wouter Schouten: trading between Dutch and Khoi, 1658 (p.21); Aernout Smit: Table Bay in 1692 (p.23); sketch of the wreck of the Hoogergeest in 1692 (p.23); 17th century drawing of a Khoi family setting out on a journey; painting of the Dutch wreck the Visch near Mouille Point in 1740 (p.24); engravings of the wreck of Jonge Thomas in 1773 (p.26); T K Schneider: engraving of Table Bay, 1763 (p.27);William Hodges: painting of Cape Town and Table Mountain in 1772 (p.27); Robert Dodd: English ships in Table Bay in approximately 1787 (p.28); Johannes Rach: painting of the Grand Parade, Heerengracht, and Greenmarket Square, approximately 1706 (p.29); Thomas Baines: Cape Town from Woodstock Beach, approximately 1847 (p.30); John Wood Deane: Cape of Good Hope, approximately 1803 (p.32); W M Craig: invasion of the British fleet in Table Bay, 1806 (p.33); George Thompson: engraving of Table Bay in a gale, showing the old Custom's Searcher's Office, 1827 (p.35); Solomon Caesar Malan: a busy Cape Town Harbour scene, 1839 (p.36); C S Hext: the wreck Waterloo, 1842 (p.38); Thomas Baines: the wreck Diana, 1846 (p.39); Thomas Baines: the Castle Battery saluting the arrival of the new Governor, Sir Henry Pottinger, 1847 (p.40); T W Bowler: lithograph of the great anti-convict protest meeting, 1849 (p.41); Thomas Baines: the Schooner Couch off-loading burghers, 1847 (p.44); T W Bowler: the gala on 10 June 1857 (p.46); T W Bowler: arrival of the Bosphorus, 1851 (p.47); Otto Landsberg: the signalman's house and mast on Signal Hill (p.47); T W Bowler: the beach near the Military Hospital at Woodstock (p.48); W S Sherwill: Table Bay and Cape Town (p.51); T W Bowler: whaling and Malay Fishermen, 1806 (p.52); Otto Landsberg: Table Mountain from the breakwater approximately 1869 (p.56); T W Bowler: Prince Albert inaugurating the new breakwater; Thomas Baines: painting of HMS Euryalus (p.59); Ottol Landsberg: ships stranded during the great gale (p.60); T W Bowler: the Breakwater and dock works iwtha a key (p.63); T Williams: painting of RMS Scot and the signalling code (p.69); H van Heerde: the Green Point Lighthouse (p.78); G R Petereit: fishing boats returning to the beach at Rogge Bay, 1901 (p.78); Cecil Schott: the old fish market, St George's Street (p.79); Gregoire Boonzaaier: painting showing the Alfred Basin, 1934 (p.91); Terence McCaw: the new harbour scene of 1935 (p.92).

F|Dias Bartholomeu|Rock art paintings|Khoisan|Da Gama Wouter|Smit T K|Hodges William|Dodd Robert|Rach H|Petereit G R|Schott Cecil|Rowing clubs|South African War|Tugs|Boonzaier Gregoire|McCaw Terence|Port Captain's Building (1904)|Deane John Wood|Craig W M|Green Point Lighthouse|Thompson George|Feniscowles|Malan Solomon Caesar|Hope|Waterloo|Shipwrecks|Hext C S|Diana|Baines Thomas W|Birkenhead|Olivia|Bosphorus|Landsberg Otto|Chavonnes Battery|Fort Knokke|Imhoff Battery|Sherwill