The main purpose of the Corporate Affairs Branch is to provide support to the organisational divisions within SAHRA in order to enable the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.

This requires the development and maintenance of effective and efficient internal business processes, infrastructure and information that will support Heritage Resources Management and other business units. This also includes the maintenance and management of SAHRA’s heritage properties, as well as the National Inventory.

Most of the functions performed within the Corporate Affairs Branch are ongoing routine functions necessary for the efficient functioning of the organisation. However, Corporate Affairs Units also launch projects annually that enhance the continuous improvement of the organisation at large.

The Corporate Affairs Branch holds its planning workshops annually. The main purpose of the workshop is to develop the Corporate Affairs Operational Plan for the upcoming financial year, as well as the promotion of teamwork within and between the different Corporate Affairs Units. The Operational Plan serves as a basis for the performance management of individual staff members within the Corporate Affairs Branch during the forthcoming financial year.

The Corporate Affairs Branch also conducts workshops for all SAHRA staff members to introduce new systems, policies and procedures as they are approved and adopted. An example of such workshops include the South African Heritage Resources Information System (SAHRIS) and File Classification System, as well as approved IT and Travel Policies.