The National Heritage Resources Act, no 25 of 1999 (“NHRA”), acknowledges the importance of communities in the management of the heritage resources of South Africa. Therefore, the NHRA encourages the public of South Africa to identify places and objects that have important heritage value and to nominate these for declaration as National Heritage Sites or Specifically Declared Heritage Objects/ Collections.

The National Heritage Resources Act, Act no 25 of 1999, differentiates between a 3 tier system of managing heritage resources as such:

Grade 1 – Resources with qualities so exceptional that they are of special national significance – administered by SAHRA
Grade 2 – Resources significant within the context of a province – administered by the relevant Provincial Heritage Authority (PHRA)
Grade 3 – Resources significant to a particular community – administered by the relevant local municipality.

Please note that only SAHRA can declare heritage objects as Specifically Declared Heritage Objects/ Collections, as SAHRA is the only authority to control the export of heritage objects

To start the process for National Declaration, please submit your nomination either via SAHRIS or complete the relevant nomination form in as much detail as possible and email to or post to PO Box 4637; Cape Town; 8001 for attention Grading and Declaration

Form 601 – Nomination of places for declaration as National Heritage Site (Please note that if the nomination entails a serial nomination of a number of sites, a form must be completed for each of the sites nominated)

Form 602 – Nomination of an object/collection for declaration as a Specifically Declared Heritage Object/ Collection. (Please note that if the nomination entails a serial nomination of a number of objects or collections, a form must be completed for each object or collection nominated)

(for more on how to submit a nomination on SAHRIS please click here)

Please note that in addition to the completed nomination form; SAHRA requires the following additional information:

  • Motivation for the resource to be declared nationally
  • Description of the boundaries of the nominated site with either GPS Co-ordinates or survey diagram
  • Description of the nominated object/collection. In the event that a collection is being nominated an inventory or register of the object within the collection is required.
  • Details of the owner of the property on which the site occurs as well as a certified copy of the title deeds.
  • Details of the owner(s)/custodians the object or collection
  • Contact details of all identified interest and affected parties, such as neighbours and/or residents’ associations, any conservation bodies or other entities interested in or affected by the resource. (attach it a template table)
  • Please also note that a Conservation Management Plan will be requested and this will be for the nominator’s responsibility. Guidelines for the development of a conservation management plan are available from SAHRA.