The SAHRA Library is based at the organisation’s Head Office in Cape Town. The establishment of this library is in accordance with the stipulation of Section 13(2)(b) of the National Heritage Resources Act, No.25 of 1999, being that SAHRA is required to establish a national heritage resource library to serve both SAHRA officials and the general public. The library, which is regarded as the leading stockist of heritage conservation literature, contains about 13 000 books which had been acquired over the years by way of purchases as well as donations. During the past year 163 books were accessioned, of which 100 were purchased and the remainder donated. Library staff catalogued 453 books and 250 journal articles. Furthermore, 550 heritage related articles that were published in the media, were scanned and circulated to staff. The Book Review Committee, representing the main Heritage Resources Management disciplines within SAHRA, had two meetings during the period under review to assess literary material for procurement purposes.

A selection of some of the new books that have been purchased or donated recently to the SAHRA Library will be added as and when they are available. Please do check often. If you would like to borrow any of them, please come to the Library or email The library is open to the public by appointment ONLY.