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Glenover Mining Right Application





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Glenover Phosphate (Pty) Ltd (Glenover) currently holds a prospecting right 868 PR on the properties Glenover 371 LQ, Ouhoek 345 LQ, Houndslow 372 LQ, Elfrida 378 LQ, Rosevalley 369 LQ and Renosterpan 709 LQ. Having completed the prospecting phase, the company is preparing to apply for a mining right on the Farm Glenover 371 JQ (Portion 1 and the Remaining Extent).


A Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (S&EIA) is required in support of A Mining Right Application, Environmental Authorisation (EA), Waste Management licence (WML), Water Use Licence (WUL), National Nuclear Regulator Certificate of Registration and an Atmospheric Emissions Licence (AEL) on the abovementioned properties. The planned project activities include ore mining of both the on-surface stockpiles as well as an expansion of the open pit mine using traditional drill & blast as well as hydraulic excavation. The project is targeting the phosphate and Rare Earth Elements (REE) mineralisation in the hematite-apatite breccia of the Glenover Carbonatite Complex. The open pit mining method consists of conventional open pit mining with drilling and blasting followed by loading and hauling activities. All waste material is deposited externally of the open pit. Stockpile reclamation will include pre-treating with a dozer utilising the slot dozing technique and loading into haulers using a wheel loader. Processing will take place through a crushing, milling and floatation plant targeting. The Float Plant will be run on site, the “waste” material (tailings) will be stockpiled for future recovery of the Rare Earth Elements (REE) which is dictated by market conditions.


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