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Proposed Norkem Park Housing Development, Gauteng





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Proposed the construction of two storey buildings with a capacity of 40 units per hectare on Mooifontein Farm No 14IR portion 22 in Norkem Park, Gauteng Province.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 13:38




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  1. Image icon Topo Locality Map.jpg
  2. Image icon Appendix A - Hydrology Map.jpg
  3. Image icon Appendix A - Mooifontein CBA Map.jpg
  4. Image icon Appendix A - Sensitivity Map ver 2.jpg
  5. Image icon Appendix A - Topo Locality Map.jpg
  6. Image icon Appendix A - Wetland Delineation Map.jpg
  7. PDF icon Appendix B - Site Photographs for Mooifontein.pdf
  8. PDF icon Appendix C - ERF 14 Mooifontein (002).pdf
  9. PDF icon Appendix D - Route Position.pdf
  10. PDF icon Appendix E1 - Mooifontein Site Notices.pdf
  11. PDF icon Appendix E2 - Mooifontein BID.pdf
  12. PDF icon Appendix E3 - Newspaper Advert for Mooifontein.pdf
  13. PDF icon Appendix E4 - Communication with IAP_draft phase.pdf
  14. PDF icon Appendix E5 - Attendance Register for Mooifontein Public Meeting.pdf
  15. PDF icon Appendix E5 - DWS register for mooifontein.pdf
  16. PDF icon Appendix E5 - Minutes of the meeting - Mooifontein Public Participation Meeting.pdf
  17. PDF icon Appendix E5 - Pre-Application Meeting with DWS on the 30th of November 2017.pdf
  18. PDF icon Appendix E9 - Engagement Meeting for Mooifontein.pdf
  19. PDF icon Appendix E9 - Registered Interested and Affected Member for Mooifontein.pdf
  20. Image icon Appendix E9 - Signed Register for Mooifontein Public Meeting_page 1.jpg
  21. Image icon Appendix E9 - Signed Register for Mooifontein Public Meeting_page 2.jpg
  22. PDF icon Appendix F1 - Water Use License Information.pdf
  23. PDF icon Appendix F3 - Water Supply Information.pdf
  24. PDF icon Appendix F4 - Service Letters.pdf
  25. PDF icon Appendix G1 - Wetland report Ver2.pdf
  26. PDF icon Appendix G2 - Mooifontein Development - Heritage Screener.pdf
  27. PDF icon Appendix G3 - Traffic Impact Assessment.pdf
  28. PDF icon Appendix G4 - Mooifontein Township Establishment - Final Geotech Report.pdf
  29. PDF icon Appendix G4 - Profile Logs -Portion 22 of the farm Mooifontein (1).PDF
  30. PDF icon Appendix G5 - Mooifontein Vegetation Assessment.pdf
  31. PDF icon Appendix G6 - TBC_Amphibian Assessment_GKM_V2.pdf

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