The main focus of the Heritage Resources Management (HRM) Unit has been the identification, assessment and management of heritage resources as outlined in the National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA) (No. 25 of 1999). Implementing the legislative prescripts, which form the mandate of the Institution, remained central to the functions of the Unit, as regulatory frameworks compel the Unit to adhere to these. Enhancing and improving the management and administration of heritage resources were central in order to have efficient and effective service delivery systems. A number of permits were issued, heritage impact assessment reports reviewed, and site inspections and monitoring undertaken. New sites were nominated, graded and declared in order to reflect the diverse cultural heritage of a multi-cultural society.

Through multi-stakeholder processes, the Unit ensures that heritage awareness is raised amongst the stakeholders and, particularly, also amongst the public and communities through awareness activities. These activities were held to engage stakeholders, create awareness and educate South Africans on the role of SAHRA in protecting and preserving the heritage, and to position SAHRA as a leader in heritage management.