The South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) invites suitably qualified and experienced heritage professional service providers to submit a quotation for drafting and submission of a Method Statement for the refurbishment of the Welcome Cottage property situated in Glencairn, Cape Town.

The Welcome Cottage property consists of a main homestead, two additional houses, as well as three outbuildings. The property is situated at 36 Glen Oak Road in Glencairn, Western Cape. It was declared a national monument on 27 December 1985 by Item 22, page 12 of Government Gazette No. 10047. The property has been re-graded by the local provincial heritage authority to a Grade III A status, however the site is still protected as a Grade II.

Welcome Cottage is one of the thirty-six (36) properties owned by SAHRA 2.2 The SAHRA properties have taken a prominent recognition on the organizational strategy as assets with potential to support the financial sustainability of the Entity in the long term. Welcome Cottage has been identified as one of the properties that can be repurposed for socio-economic benefit.

The proposed refurbishment for the three main buildings on the Welcome Cottage property is recommended with the intention of converting it into a use that is more economically viable.  The project is currently managed by an appointed professional team.

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