This request for Expression of Interest (EOI) has been produced by the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA), in connection with the tourism Public Private Partnership (PPP) opportunity available at Erf 94323, Muizenberg, Western Cape.

SAHRA is currently investigating the feasibility of a PPP opportunity in which it gives a selected private party the right to the appropriate commercial use of the property referred to Erf 94323 Het Posthuys.

SAHRA will assess the EOI and will use the information to assist its feasibility study. If the PPP opportunity is feasible, SAHRA will use the EOI information it received to compile bid documentation, and a competitive bid will follow. SAHRA reserves the right to ask any investor or operator that submits EOI questions for clarity.

Submitting an EOI does not constitute a bid. No investor or operator will be bound by anything contained in their EOI submission. The information in the EOI will be used solely to assist SAHRA in its feasibility study and prepare bid documentation if it decides to proceed with a PPP.

EOI must be submitted to SAHRA no later than 23 February 2018 to South African Heritage Resources Agency 111 Harrington Street, Cape Town 8000 Tel: 021 462 4502 Email:

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