1. Please note that the closing date for the tender is on the 18 August 2014   and not the 25 of July 2014, the amendment on the Tender Bulletin has been made to appear on the 25 July 2014.

2. Please disregard 9.13




  1. 1.       BACKGROUND

The South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) as established by section 11 of the National Heritage Resource Act 25 of 1999; It is a public entity listed in terms of the provisions of the Public Finance Management act 1 of 1999.

SAHRA is the national agency of the Departments of Arts and Culture responsible for heritage resources management. Its Head Office is located in the city of Cape Town, Western Cape Province. It has two other offices in Pretoria and Grahamstown.


2.1 Objectives

The main objective of this contract is to appoint one service provider for the efficient and effective provision of travel management services for the Agency. The service to be provided must be of world class standard and the service provider must be able to deliver on sometimes tight schedule deadlines.

2.2 Assumptions

The general success of this contract is based on the following assumption that the successful service provider has the knowledge and expertise required for corporate travel management service; and adequate capacity and experience to serve SAHRA diligently to ensure to a reasonable level a trouble and stress- free travel experience at all times.

 2.3 Specific Risks

SAHRA acknowledges the following associated risks with the services required and expects that the successful services provider will at their best mitigate these risks to non-impact level on the SAHRA business and experience of the services rendered.

 (a) Non-performance – the potential that the service provider will not be able to deliver on the said objectives;

(b) Lack of capacity – that the service provider does not have sufficient capacity required to provide efficient and effective travel management services; and

(c) Delays – that the service provider may sometimes not meet tight travelling schedules of the Agency.


SAHRA requires the service provider to be able to provide the travel management services and related services nationally and internationally, as required.

 3.1 Main Activity

The appointed service provider will be required to arrange travel and accommodation on request by SAHRA. Each request must be dealt with in such a manner that ensures compliance with the approved SAHRA travel policy. The service provider must take the required measures to ensure that SAHRA does receive the best possible price where possible. It is to be noted that the appointed service provider will be responsible for the settlement of all accounts in relation to travel and accommodation (including venue hires) services provided. The service provider must supply SAHRA with a monthly statement, accompanied by the individual invoices that relates to the invoices on the statement for the month. The supporting documents relating to the invoices on the monthly statement must accompany the invoices. The travel and accommodation arrangements will only be for persons travelling for official purposes and in the interest of SAHRA.

 3.2 Specific Activities

SAHRA’s specific activities for domestic and / or international travel and accommodation cover the following, and if the prospective bidders do not comply with them the bid will be disqualified:

3.2.1 Air Travel

(i) Planning, arranging, confirming and amending air travel bookings through available branch offices and agencies situated inside or outside South Africa, in accordance with the approved SAHRA travel policy; and

(ii) Negotiating discounts on standard tariffs for air travel with all available airline companies.

 3.2.2 Vehicle Rental & Shuttle Transfer

(i) Booking and confirming vehicles with preferred car rental companies and shuttle services and also amending any confirmed bookings if necessary, in accordance with the approved SAHRA travel policy; and

(ii) Negotiating discounts on standard or reduced tariffs with all available companies.

 3.2.3     Train and Bus Travel

(i) Booking, confirming and amending train and bus travel arrangements in respect of both domestic and international travel where required and in accordance with the approved SAHRA travel policy; and

(ii) Negotiating discounts on standard or reduced tariffs with all available companies or concerns.

 3.2.4 Accommodation

(i) Planning, booking, confirming and amending accommodation with any hotel group, private hotel or other available concern, for example guesthouse or boarding house, where such a requirement is referred to the service provider and  bookings and venue hire for workshops in accordance with the approved SAHRA travel policy; and

(ii) Negotiating discounts on standard or reduced tariffs with all available hotel groups, private hotels or other concerns taking into consideration with any National Treasury requirements.

 3.2.5 Additional Services to be provided with regard to the above

         In respect of support services rendered to SAHRA, its requirements are as follows:  Delivery service

All travel documentation will timeously be delivered to the relevant official in SAHRA, his or her nominee or the point of delivery/collection, by your office or agencies. Only in exceptional cases and as mutually agreed between the service provider and the official dealing with the arrangements, travel documentation if necessary will be collected by the official who made the booking from the service provider or designated collection point.  24 Hour service

At least two dedicated persons from the service provider must be available on a 24-hour basis, so that as and when required, unexpected changes to a travel plan or accommodation can be made. This service may not be outsourced to another service provider.


 The billing should be per trip (total cost). All expenses for the month should be consolidated and create one invoice. Itemised details of the invoice should be in the prescribed template and attached to the invoice. All supporting invoices from the airlines, hotels, car rental and shuttle should be attached to the monthly invoice and correspond to the prescribed itemised billing template.

The itemised billing should be in the following format:

Travel Form Number Name of Traveller Place From Place to Date Travelled Return Date Car Hire Flights  Accom-modation Shuttle Total Cost Service Fee Total


5.1 Output

The output is the written contracts with one competent bidder for the procurement of travel management and related services. Formal contract will be entered into between SAHRA and the service provider following the completion of the bid process.

5.2 Outcome

The key outcome is the rendering of the most efficient and effective travel management service for SAHRA.


(a) The successful bidder shall assign a team (minimum five people) of qualified personnel with technical expertise;

(b) The team should be led by a representative with relevant experience in providing corporate travel services;

(c) The successful bidder shall have modern equipment, facilities and infrastructure as utilized in the industry;

(d) Maintains a good track record in serving both national and international organizations, a list of corporate clients should be provided;

(e) Must be able to demonstrate its financial position – audited financial statements must be provided; and

(f) Must have knowledge of public sector policies and procedures.


The service provider will meet periodically with the Chief Financial Officer; Corporate Services Executive and / or the Manager: Supply Chain Management of SAHRA to discuss issues of mutual concern, review performance and to discuss any improvements for efficiency and effectiveness for the service rendered.


The service provider must be fully accredited with the International Air Transport Association (lATA). No bid will be accepted without proof of accreditation.


 9.1 The “Requirement for content of the project proposal” section above outlines the information that must be included in bid offers. Failure to provide all or part of the information will result in your bid being excluded from the evaluation process.

9.2 The contract shall be for the period of three years, SAHRA reserves the right to request new or additional information regarding each bidder and any individual or other persons associated with its proposal. SAHRA may require responsive bidders to present and discuss their proposals.

9.3 SAHRA reserves the right not to make any appointment from the proposals submitted.

9.4 Bidders shall not issue any press release or other public announcement pertaining to details of their project proposal without the prior written approval of SAHRA.

9.5 Bidders are required to declare any conflict of interest they may have in the transaction for which the bid is submitted or any potential conflict of interest.  SAHRA reserves the right not to consider further any bid where such a conflict of interest exists or where such potential conflict of interest may arise.

9.6 A valid original Tax Clearance Certificate, issued by the South African Revenue Services, must be submitted, failing which the relevant bidder’s bid shall not be considered.

(See attached application form for Tax Clearance Certificate.) Any and all project proposals shall become the property of SAHRA and shall not be returned.

9.7 The bid offers and proposals should be valid and open for acceptance by SAHRA for a period of 60 days from the date of submission.

9.8 Bidders are advised that submission of a proposal gives rise to no contractual obligations on the part of SAHRA.

9.9 SAHRA reserves the right not to award the bid to the bidder that scores the highest points.

9.10 Disputes that may arise between SAHRA and a bidder must be settled by means of mutual consultation, mediation (with or without legal representation) or, when unsuccessful, in a South African court of law.

9.11 In addition to adherence to the specific terms and conditions of proposals, provided in this document, the bidder shall be bound by the provisions of the General Conditions of Contract attached hereto, an originally signed copy of which must be submitted together with all other bid documentation.

9.12 All returnable bid documents must be completed in full and submitted together with the bidder’s proposal. Should the returnable documents not be completed, the bid will not be considered any further. It is important that bidders declare their interest through completion of relevant attached forms. Four copies of the formal proposal have to be submitted.

9.13 Bidders are required to attend the compulsory briefing session as per anticipated time schedule below. Failure to attend this session will automatically invalidate your bid offer.

9.14 All costs associated with submission of proposals by bidders will be incurred by each respective bidder.

9.15 The most recent set of audited financial statements must be submitted together with the bid offer.

9.16 The successful bidder will be subject to supplier clearance process as prescribed by the National Treasury. This process includes, verification of supplier and its shareholders/directors/members’ status on the list of defaulters and restricted suppliers.

9.17 It is the conditions of this RFQ that, a quotation is submitted together with the following completed forms;

    1. SBD 6.1 Preference points claim form (valid BBBEE certificate must be submitted together with this completed document.
    2. SBD 4 Declaration of Interests form
    3. SBD 2 Tax Clearance certificate application form
    4. SBD 8 Declaration of Bidder’s Past Supply Chain Management Practices.
    5. SBD 9 Certificate of Independent Bid Determination
    6. SBD1  Bid Invitation form
    7. SB3.3 Pricing Schedule
    8. General Conditions of Contract
    9. Supplier Registration form

NB: Failure to submit any of the completed returnable forms as mentioned above will automatically disqualify your proposal.


Submission of Proposals Request of proposals from potential service providers On or before the closing date of proposal submission
Closing of bids Proposals submitted to SAHRA 18 August 2014


SAHRA reserves the right to revise any aspect of these timeframes at any stage, and to amend the process at any stage.


 (a) All bids will be evaluated on a 90/10 preference point system in terms of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (Act 5 of 2000).

(b)The evaluation criteria will consist of price, BBBEE and functionality.

(c) A pre-qualifying percentage of 70 on functionality will apply.

(d) The functionality Criteria and goals to be used is set out in the Table 1 below.

 Bids will be evaluated on a scale of 1-5 in accordance with the functionality criteria below. The rating will be as follows: 1 = Very poor, 2 = Poor, 3 = Good, 4 = Very good, 5 = Excellent 1

Table 1: Functionality Evaluation Criteria 















Years of operating experience of the travel management company. Provide details of experience, client base, telephone contacts, contract dates, value, and duration.

  • 10 years experience = 5 rating
  •  Plus 7 to 10 years = 4 rating
  • 5 to 7 years = 3 rating
  • 3 Years to 5 years = 2 rating
  • Less than 3 years = 1 rating


Three (3) contactable and verified references

  • All three contactable references =10 points of the 10 weight
  • No references = 0 points of the 10 weight


Financial strengths and viability – as indicated by a positive Internal Rate of Return (IRR) / Gearing ratio and a positive Net Cash flow, calculated from and as demonstrated by the audited financial statements.


Proof of existing branch travel network nationally within South Africa

9 Provinces  = 5 rating

6 Provinces= 4 rating

3 Provinces only = 3 rating

1 Province = 2 rating

1 City =1 rating


Credit and judgments records

Positive credit record = 5, Negative credit record = 1

As demonstrated be the credit record obtained from the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and proof that the company is not facing any form of litigation or outstanding judgments against the company.

Provide proof of credit record.


Quality management Plan/System

Policy & procedures = 2 points of the 10 weight

Inspection of the service process = 2 points of the 10 weight

Monitoring of the delivery of the service = 3 points of the 10 weight

ASATA Membership = 2 points of the 10 weight

IATA accreditation certificate = 1 points of the 10 weight


Experience and availability of account management

– Availability for 24/7 = 10 points of the 15 weight

– International travel management experience

– Qualifications of travel management staff, 5 years plus experience = 5 points of the 15 weight

Provide CVs for the account management team that will be handling this account.


Experience of the consultants in handling local; regional and international bookings.

5 years plus = 15 points of the 20 weight

Less than 5 years but greater than 3 years = 5 points of the 20 weighting

Less than 3 years experience = 0 points of the 20 weight

Provide details of experience and qualifications of consultants. Provide their CVs.







 A bidder must obtain a minimum of 70 points on the functionality phase in order to progress to the next phase. Failure to obtain 70 points will render your proposal non-responsive


 The following must form part of the bid proposal:

(a) A list of contactable references for which travel management services were or are being provided to in the last six months;

(b) CV’s of the dedicated officials who will be assigned to SAHRA by the service provider;

(c) The most recent set of audited financial statements;

(d) A list of corporate clients;

(e) Proof of accreditation to lATA; and

(f) Proof of ASATA membership; and

(g) A detailed system description of the administration process to book, confirm and communicate air, bus and train travel, car rental and accommodation

 13. Price (Vat included)

 Price must be quoted in South African currency and must be inclusive of VAT. Bidders are further requested to indicate their price in all elements listed on the pricing schedule including management and transactional fee of the requested service. Price will be evaluated based on 90 points 10 points on BBBEE and applicable formula of calculating points scored by each bidder


Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked as confidential and for the attention of the contact person. It must be posted to the following address:  South African Heritage Resources Agency, P.O. Box 4637, Cape Town, 8000, or placed in the tender box at the SAHRA Head Office, or hand-delivered to the following address:  South African Heritage Resources Agency 111 Harrington Street, Cape Town 8001. Emailed proposals will NOT be considered.

 Proposals must be submitted in hard-copies and one electronic copy on CD.

 15. Closing date for bid proposals:  18 August 2014 at 11:00 am


 All queries should be directed to:

Ms Nolwazi Mthembu

Manager: Supply Chain Management

South African Heritage Resources Agency

PO Box 4637

Cape Town


Tel: 021-462 4502


 Annexure A.  



The officials, who are concerned with arranging and approving travel and accommodation, will be responsible for the following:

(a)  Giving the service providers the necessary details so that the required travel and/or accommodation requirements are understood. In this regard, the following would have been considered:

(i)   Official nature of the travel and accommodation requirements;

(ii)   Departure and arrival points/dates and type of required travel;

(iii)  Departure and arrival dates and type of accommodation required; and

(iv)  Any other specific requirements relating to, for example, passenger class in aircraft to be provided, vehicle rental, etc.

(b)  Giving the service providers an approved travel plan, authorised in accordance with the SAHRA travel policy, to authorize the issue of the required travel documentation. The official concerned must ensure that the approved SAHRA travel policy and related procedures have been complied with before the authorised travel plan is forwarded to the service providers; and

(c)  Confirm the accuracy and completeness of accounts and other supporting documents and sign the invoice to authorise the payment thereof afterwards as proof that the required service was rendered.

 1.2 Service Provider

The service provider will be responsible for the following:

(a) When making bookings for travel and accommodation, preference must be given to the instructions of the officials who made the bookings in respect of the following:

(i)Destin ation, date, routes, airlines, passenger class, preferred seating and estimated costs for air travel; and

(ii) Hotel facilities, location, availability of parking facilities, distance from airports, public transport, etc.

(b) Alternative arrangements must timeously be suggested if confirming seating or accommodation arrangements is impossible or if it can be proven that with deviations to original arrangements, financial savings can be realized;

(c) Timeous confirmation (either printed or by electronic means) of the bookings both for air ticket, accommodation and car rental after the receipt of an approved travel plan;

(d) Timeous delivery to the relevant official in SAHRA, his or her nominee or point of delivery/collection, of the required travel documents;

(e) Provide information service to notify the official of such events as airport closure, cancelled flights, trains and buses, strikes as well as of political or safety conditions which may affect travel to any particular destination;

(f) Make the arrangement for the issuing of a foreign visa;

(g) Make the traveller aware of any airport rules and procedures especially during transfer flights;

(h) Timeous submission of proof that the required services have been rendered so that payment can be arranged by SAHRA, unless payment had been done by the individual concerned. Such proof will include monthly invoices, on which the required information is reflected;

(i) Timeous submission of the required management reports;

(j) Names, addresses and telephone numbers of all branch offices and agencies, inside and outside South Africa, and agencies with whom liaison exists outside South Africa, must be made available upon request. The names and telephone numbers of personnel available on a 24-hour basis must be made available to SAHRA;

(k) Ensure confidentiality in respect of all travel and accommodation arrangements concerning all persons if requested by SAHRA;

(I) Ensure effective negotiations with suppliers of all services to the benefit of SAHRA;

(m) Ensure that travel insurance is arranged where necessary;

(n) Ensure continuous availability of services to provide for emergency and official travelling during public / normal holidays; and

(0) Ensure that travellers cheques are arranged where required.

 2. Processes and Procedures

(a) In case of changes to the original travel arrangements, the official who made the booking is to liaise with the service provider and make the necessary arrangements, provided that such changes are confirmed in writing.

(b) In case of cancellation of travel where payment has been made and an invoice has already been submitted to SAHRA, a credit note will be processed. In the event of cancellation fees being levied, the service provider is to invoice SAHRA accordingly.

(c) All travelling information is to be communicated directly to the traveller by e-mail and sms after confirmation of bookings.

(d) In the case of a rented vehicle the official must ensure:

(i) That the rental car approved is in line with the pre-approved class in terms of SAHRA’s travel policy;

(ii) That the vehicle is in good conditions before and after use;

(iii) Used only for the official purpose it is rented for;

(iv) Where required, pay for fuel and refer the claim to SAHRA; and

(v) Report any collision/accidents and theft to the car rental company and the police within 24 hours of such occurrence.

(e) In the case of accommodation the following applies:

(i)The official must ensure that the approved accommodation is in line with the pre-approved class in terms of SAHRA’s travel policy;

(ii)         Sign the relevant documents and take the possession of the keys; and

(iii) Where the accommodation is not utilized and no prior notification is made to the service provider, such non-utilization is to be reported to SAHRA by the service provider.

(f) Any loss of a travel voucher must be reported to the service provider timeously for alternative arrangements to be made.

3. Airline Reward Programme

This programme will be managed in accordance with the corporate agreement between SAHRA and relevant airline (s).

 4. Management Reports

Management reports on detailed expenses per quarter per branch for each service, inclusive of all savings, must be submitted during the first week of the following month.

The reports will reflect details for SAHRA as a whole and be in the format to be agreed upon by both parties. SAHRA requires that the detailed report including, but not limited to the following, be reflected in the quarterly management reports:

(a) Details of the carrier (e.g. airline, car rental company, bus operator used);

(b) Total amount and percentage spent per different modes of travel and carrier;

(c) Total amount and percentage saving per carrier;

(d) Total accumulative amount spent per mode of travel and carrier; and

(e) Total accumulative amount saved per carrier.

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