Transport Month in October 2016 will be hosted under the theme: “Together we move South Africa Forward.” The month-long programme will showcase transport infrastructure projects, promote the use of public transport and advance the country’s road safety initiatives.

The government is investing in the transport sector which is part of the country’s Nine-Point Plan to stimulate development and create jobs. Our public transport investments are part of building and operating an integrated public transport network across the country.

Investments in rail infrastructure are making rail the backbone of our passenger and freight transport system. The government has embarked on one of the world’s biggest rail projects to overhaul passenger trains. The new trains will operate with greater efficiency as they will carry more than 1 300 passengers and travel at a top speed of 160 km/h.

Investments in the Bus Rapid Transport System have improved the manner in which residents access their places of work, study, and entertainment. The BRT system is successfully operated in Cape Town through MyCiTi, Rea Vaya in Johannesburg, A Re Yeng in Tshwane and Go George in George.

The country’s transport investment will help grow South Africa’s economy and address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, and inequality. Our investments in transport are positioning the country as an attractive investment destination.

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