Who is SAHRA?

We present this information about SAHRA in order to create an awareness among the people of our country of their right to conserve what they consider to be valuable heritage resources, the mechanisms for doing this, and to recognise the exciting new possibilities that the Act creates for them.

What we do?

SAHRA is mandated to coordinate the identification and management of the national estate. The aims are to introduce an integrated system for the identification, assessment and management of the heritage resources and to enable provincial and local authorities to adopt powers to protect and manage them.

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Invitation to comment on Draft List of Types of Heritage Objects, which may not be exported without a permit issued by SAHRA. Gazette (provisional) List of Types 24-08-2018 Invitation to comment on the Draft Regulation for Restitution of heritage [...]

Minimum Standards for Heritage Reports for Public Review

SAHRA invites the public to provide comments on the updated Minimum Standards for Heritage Specialist Studies in terms of section 38 of the National Heritage Resources Act, No 25 of 1999 from 1 September 2017 until 30 September [...]

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SAHRA has developed the South African Heritage Resources Information System (SAHRIS). SAHRIS is the first online inventory system in South Africa for managing heritage resources. SAHRIS is a project funded by the Department of Arts and Culture.

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