Many buildings and infrastructural projects and also commonly used building materials and components in South Africa have a Dutch origin. Cape Dutch architecture is a well-known and studied shared heritage. The legacy of Dutch born and educated building industry professionals in the twentieth century has hardly been studied.

We are undertaking a research project, termed ‘Tectonic ZA Wilhelmiens’, to address this theme. Not only will it result in the publishing of a book in 2020, but will also contribute to webpages and databases. The project will research the contribution of Dutch born and educated building industry professionals and companies – think of architects, draughtspersons, contractors, engineers, materials manufacturers etc. – active throughout
South Africa and Namibia (formerly South-West Africa) during 1902–1961.

The project will only research the contribution of Dutch born and educated émigrés and Dutch companies active in South Africa between 1902 and 1961. South Africans who were active in the Netherlands during the same period are also of interest. We are especially interested to learn more about:

JW and FM Bongers (Cape Town, c.1920–)
J Kalis (Cape Town, c.1940–)
H Spoor (Cape Town, c.1940–, Spoor & Chapman Architects)
H De Rouw (Cape Town, c.1937–)
H Niegeman (Cape Town, c.1937–
C Wegerif (Cape Town, c.1940–)
H Sikkel (Cape Town, c.1930–)
JF Brinkman (Port Elizabeth, c.1935–)
JP Hulshof (Kroonstad, c.1925–)
Dr BH Holsboer (Nedbank)
JJ de Jong (architect in service of the then City of Pretoria, c.1930s)

H Kaal (Pretoria, c.1930–) J Woudstra (Pretoria, c.1930–)
JH de Bruyn (Johannesburg, c1930)
P Breedvelt (Johannesburg, c.1937–)
P Dirksen (Johannesburg, c.1937–)
HP Bakker (Johannesburg, c.1936)
JAM Moors (Johannesburg, c.1959–)
JH van Zanten (Johannesburg, c.1940–)
C Grootewal (Johannesburg, c.1930–)
J Eleanor Ferguson (Johannesburg, c.1937–)

This is an official interdisciplinary academic research project undertaken by the Department of Architecture, University of Pretoria with a grant from the Dutch Embassy in South Africa as part of their Cultural Heritage programme.

The Tectonic ZA Wilhelmiens project is managed by Enterprises University of Pretoria.

We would greatly appreciate any contact with any people, their decedents, or other members of the public who may have relevant information to share this with us.

For more information see: http://artefacts.co.za/main/Buildings/style_det.php?styleid=1668.

If you are the descendent of, or have any information on any person or company of interest we would be grateful to make contact. You can contact the editorial team by email at tectoniczaw@gmail.com.

With thanks in advance,

Nicholas Clarke, Roger Fisher and Marieke Kuipers
The Editors


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